Jesiah Mauck Greybar Solutions Restaurant Consulting Group
Strategic Management & Operations Solutions for small restaurants.

Our Approach

The Approach

Rarely do creative types and business minds think alike.

There’s often a disconnect between imaginative & inspired chefs and their ability to run a sustainably profitable restaurant.

Bridging that gap is what I do.

I help the business side think more creatively, but most importantly I teach creative chefs & owners how to make their restaurant profitable.

Our Story

The Vision

I envision a world where independent restaurant owners can make enough money to take care of their families and have enough time away from the restaurant to be with the ones they love.

My goal is to help chefs and owners achieve that dream.

The Story

With a background in corporate restaurants, I saw how operational systems directly impact their success. But I realized many independent restaurant owners don't have the knowledge or experience to develop or implement those systems. So after saying goodbye to the corporate world, I turned my attention to passing on those techniques to others.

The Team

The success I generate for clients can be attributed in part to the variety of other experts I bring aboard to assist. Depending on your unique opportunities and challenges, you may be fortunate enough to work with some of these incredibly talented individuals.

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Jesiah Mauck

Founder & Managing Director

As an experienced leader in the hospitality industry and former multi-unit operator, Jesiah helps independent restaurant owners make more money and create more free time by providing strategic management and operations solutions.

Carly McAlister

Strategic Partner, Marketing & Social Media

Carly is a seasoned restaurant expert and is the founder of FISHPOND Media, a digital media marketing agency. Prior to joining, Carly helped develop the entire marketing department of a large home renovation company.

Chris Milliron Greybar Solutions Restaurant Consulting Group
Chris Milliron

Strategic Partner, Culinary Operations

With a background as the Executive Chef of both corporate and independent restaurants, Chris is well-positioned to deliver compelling insight on back-of-house operational efficiencies and culinary strategy.

Justin Chamoun Greybar Solutions Restaurant Consulting Group
Justin Chamoun

Strategic Partner, Wine & Beverage

Justin is a Certified Sommelier and a highly regarded leader in the wine & beverage community. As the former owner/operator of his own award-winning restaurant, Justin brings a comprehensive wealth of knowledge to small restaurant owners.

Audrey Benet Greybar Solutions Restaurant Consulting Group
Audrey Benet

Strategic Partner, Restaurant Design & Training

Audrey has over a decade of experience opening restaurants around the world, training and coaching both hourly team members and managers, and has even served in roles utilizing her knowledge of optimal restaurant design and layout.

Jesiah Mauck Greybar Solutions Restaurant Consulting Group
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Jesiah Mauck Greybar Solutions Restaurant Consulting Group
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The Specifics

Want to find out more details about how I help independent restaurant owners just like you become successful? Keep reading.